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5 Reasons Why To Hire A Wedding/Event Planner|Carismas Party Planning Services| May 14, 2019

We all have milestones we love to celebrate: a wedding is definitely one of them. When it comes to detail, organizing and making sure you have everything together-let’s face it, it can be intimidating and overwhelming. So how does one throw the perfect soiree without the stress? A wedding planner is just what you may need.

I birthed my business from a divine love and eye for wedding planning. It’s something that I naturally took to and now, along with lead coordinator Victoria and assistants, Carismas has blossomed into a company that I couldn’t have even imagined. We’re the people who put your mind at ease and create a day of joy to celebrate your everlasting love.

Just how do we do that, you wonder? Below, you’ll find out my top 5 reasons why to hire a wedding planner and what we do for the day-to-day of making your special day a success!

1. Venues, Vendors and Budgets oh my!

First things first: money. Although it can be uncomfortable to talk about, you have to be realistic. It’s extremely easy to get caught up in the moment (especially for your wedding) and before you know it, you’ve spent $1,300 on personalized tea towels to go along with your invitations. When you bring on a planner, we sit down with you and go over, not only what your budget is, but to assist in where you should be spending your money in an effective and logical manner. Did you know, couples-to-be tend to spend 80% of their budget solely on the venue, leaving next to nothing to spend on anything else? A clear mind in the budget department will allow the rest of the planning process to go more smoothly.

2. Insight like a boss.

I have seen and worked with a lot of different ways to celebrate a wedding or other event. What comes with experience allows me and my team to fulfill your needs for your own plan. Your voice will be heard and your vision come to light. You’re hiring your planner because of their experience as well, what you’ve heard about them, what you’ve seen. You want to be comfortable taking on a person to help coordinate and manage your special day and the person you take on will have experience to back up their decision making. And to help you out accordingly.

Carismas Tip: Every Detail Counts

3. It’s all in the details.

Theme? Color choice? Traditional? Modern? Personalized? Parting gifts? For a wedding, that can be just the tip of the iceberg. Planners plan, but we also do an insane amount of detail work-especially if a client just can’t seem to organize their thoughts to express what they need or want. We essentially do it all. We’ll put you in contact with calligraphers, help you design your invitations and RSVPs, help you select your menu items and even make sure options can be dietary specific. There can be some things you may forget to include in your wedding and that’s okay, it happens! But we’re here to have you not fuss over such things.

4. Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn?

Okay, take a deep breath. You have a lot of out-of-town, out-of-state, maybe even out-of-country guests attending your impending nuptials. It’s okay. NOBODY PANIC. Aside from booking the perfect venue and vendors to go along with it, figuring out hotel and travel accommodations is one of the most stressful factors in the event planning process. For 90% of our full event plans we will find the perfect hotel, review and negotiate the hotels (finding a hotel that does not hold you liable for unused rooms is the most important), plus distance to the venue. Pricing for your guests and negotiating for perks such as: free shuttle services or bridal suite is an absolute must and a service we gladly provide. See? Told you we don’t mess around.

5. Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.

You want the best out there. You deserve the best out there. But with the sweets, can sometimes bring the sours. It’s simple to be blinded by quality when the deal is too good to be true and you know what they say. If it’s too good to be true, chances are, it’s not. But that’s why we have your back. A planner gets you to shake hands with vendors that are personally recommended due to their reliability, professionalism and quality of work. You never want to be left stranded or empty handed on an important event day, so to listen to the advice and opinions of your planner and your heart, is an absolute must. We’re not here to steer you wrong, we’re here to steer you away from bad apples so you can enjoy sipping your champagne.

A lot goes into a beautiful day of celebration and with the right partner (or team), the months, weeks, days leading up to popping bottles will be seamless. If there was ever a doubt in your mind, I truly hope I eased it with unabashed and honest advice from the standpoint of a wedding planner. Now, let’s say “I do!” and celebrate!

Meet Our Lead Planners Victoria & Cristina

Photo Credit: Victoria Johnson

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