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A Sweet Ending To A New Beginning| Caroline & Ty's Wedding| May 12, 2018| Full Wedding Plan

So, here’s my baby, my May 12, 2018 wedding. I was the planner for this wedding. They hired me last May. They are both in the military, and we briefly spoke about them, in my first blog (a day in the life)

So, I did 90% of my communication with them through group emails. They both in the beginning of this plan, lived in two different states. Because they were both active in the military, and that’s just how things worked out.

They are super fun, and outgoing people. Love hiking, outdoor sports, rock climbing, and lots of traveling. Caroline is super down to earth. First generation here, parents from Italy.

Caroline grew up in Princeton, and we have chosen her childhood home for her wedding reception. She got married at the famous catholic church. St Paul’s on Nassau.

Outdoor weddings are a whole new type of beast. It takes planning to a whole new level, and execution even more.

I had planned out every detail to this wedding, tent rental, tabletop ware, linen choices and sizes, floor plan, spacing between tables, photo booth, hired every vendor, took charge of having staff for the extra special touch (butler apps, service to each table of organic salad with a homemade balsamic vinegar) plus the staff kept the entire wedding clean throughout.

I made 2 visits before the wedding to oversee set up by the rental company and go over day of logistics. I had the apps from one company and the main course as the star of the show. A wood burning pizza truck. Nomads pizza truck (look it up, it’s an old truck, like a winery truck, that was gutted and transformed to be a portable wood burning oven, super authentic looking. Great food. The remodel was $110,000. With that being said, it looks ten times better than any other truck) That have built in canopies that extend over a pizza buffet line. Every pizza is made to order, and dessert pizzas were taking to the table. Nutella pizza with sliced bananas and blueberries. The bride loved the Nutella pizza. She was the first one to dig in.

The tabletop ware was bamboo leafing, environmentally friendly. They went for a rustic look, and that’s exactly what I gave them. The photo booth was (Vintage photo booth) A old cowboy photo booth set up, really cool, and tied in with the theme perfectly.

We had café lighting on the terrace, inside the tent, and hung lanterns on the trees outside. It looked amazing in the evening. (Main reason for the lanterns, was so drunk people wouldn’t walk into them lol. Always have to plan ahead lol)

So, this wedding was my baby, and literally everything went so damn perfect it amazed me. Just another reason to hire a planner from the beginning. A well-planned wedding is worth the money. The bride and groom loved everything about their wedding. Even the bride’s guests from Italy, who spoke little English, kept thanking me. Telling me how much fun this wedding was.

We had lawn games, corn hole, etc.

The friends and the mother of the bride did shot gun. I think that is what it is called. When you pop a hole in a beer and jug it. The mother of the bride is a little Italian woman, so it was super funny to watch.

The bride and groom did a bbq the next day, for Mother’s Day. They were able to use the tent for the bbq the next day, because I delayed pick up lol

Not even 24 hours later, the bride and groom called me to just say thank you a 1000 time. And wrote me multiple reviews. Super sweet of them.

Funny thing, they asked me if I enjoyed their wedding. Which I really did, seeing a wedding come together, that I planned each area, is super amazing. Most wedding plans are for venues, but having an outdoor, backyard wedding, is super difficult to plan, but soo soo soo worth it in the end.

Planner & Day of Coordinator: Carismas Party Planning Services

Venue: Private Residence in Princeton NJ

Catering: Nomad's Pizza

Photographer: Solid Rock Photography

DJ/MC: DSD Lighting and Events

Photobooth: Vintage Print Photo Booth

Hair & Make up: Skindex Studios

Rentals: B&B Tent & Party Rentals

Ceremony: St Paul's Catholic Church

Cake: Karie Ann's Cakes & Assorted Desserts

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