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Part 2| Jillian & Nady Hin| Full Wedding Plan| Oct 6, 2018| Bellevue Hotel Philadelphia

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

As you can already tell, a lot goes into coordinating a wedding. As I worked with Jillian and Nady, I made it a point (like with all my couples) to instill a sense of confidence and relaxation as they embark on their wedding planning journey. With Jillian and Nady, they brought me on for a “full wedding plan”. You may have seen this term being used in my previous posts, but I wanted to dive in a little bit more as to what exactly a full wedding plan is.

A “full wedding plan” is the soup to nuts of wedding coordinating services. It’s one of my favorite services to provide because every attention to detail is paid by me and it truly takes a lot of stress off the shoulders of the couple and their parents. It’s about making contacts and organization, follow through and detail, making sure everyone is taken care of and most importantly that every single guest and even the vendors are enjoying themselves.

Day 2 of Jillian and Nady’s wedding celebration was held at The Bellevue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A stunning hotel, right on Broad Street in the heart of Center City; I’ve always loved The Bellevue do to its timeless luxury and elegant architecture. My infamous wedding coordinating timeline came in handy once again since Day 2 had a bit more aspects to pay close attention than the intimate, home ceremony the couple had the day prior. I spearheaded bridal party arrival and procession, music playlist at the request of the bride and groom, seating chart, centerpiece arrangements along with lighting concepts. I’m in constant communication with all the vendors and even with the people who work at the venue to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Their reception was absolutely breathtaking. Every bit of tradition, celebration and ambiance were perfected throughout each element. Jillian and Nady's wedding photographer, Peter Doyle, captured all of it exquisitely as you'll see in this post. The main color palette was deep tones of purple, but we made sure the particular palette flowed without being overpowering.

**Carismas Wedding Planning Tip: when it comes to making the decision on what your wedding theme will be, keep in mind that "less is more" and that "it's all in the details". You want to tell a story and convey an atmosphere with the best possible details that don't necessarily have to be obvious and overwhelming!

The beauty of The Bellevue (besides the obvious), along with many other wedding venues is the neutrality of their decor before a couple and/or wedding coordinator begin to personalize. This is staged and created on purpose to allow customization for an array of wedding/party themes and tones to fit the needs of the client. It also makes it simple for the client to visualize their event dream-the same way a home is staged for a potential buyer.

One of my favorite details, aside from the florals and place cards, were the centerpieces; they were both opulent and elegant. Each table was adorned with 4-foot gold manzanita trees showcasing strands of Swarovski crystals, paired with deep purple Calla Lilies. It tied both the sense of tradition and modern wedding style together, beautifully. From the cocktail hour being held inside The Bellevue's well-known atrium, to the signature wedding drinks and passed hors d oeuvres; the drink and food were top notch and were complimented throughout the night.

**Carismas Wedding Planning Tip: when it comes to food and drink selection, whether it be sit-down or buffet, you want to make sure the food quality is up to par. You really want to have the best experience in all aspects of your wedding day. Go over the menu choices, ask questions, ask to try the food and see if menus are customizable! You wouldn't want your guests to eat something you wouldn't.

When I'm in the midst of the wedding coordinating (whether it be the months, weeks, days leading up to the special day or even the day of; finalizing time stamps and design), it's always the best feeling when I stop during the ceremony and reception and really take a look at what's been created. Between the couple and myself and between my assistants and myself, there's always this sensation of wonder and awe.

This was truly, yet another stunning wedding I had the privilege of seeing come to life. It's pretty amazing, when you think about it, how something that is only a vision becomes a reality with conversations and a well-thought-out plan. Jillian, Nady, their family members and all of their friends were a group of people I could work with and have fun with over and over again.

Wedding Planner: Cristina with Carismas Party Planning Services

Venue: The Bellevue Hotel

Photographer: Peter Doyle Photography

DJ, Sound, Lighting & MC: DSD Lighting &Events

Videography: D.P Weddings

Hair & Make Up: Alisha Nycole & Co

Photo Booth: Fairest Of Them All Photo Booths

Hot Shave Barber: Zachary Romero

Transportation: Transportation US Limo

Cake: Classic Cake Cherry Hill

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