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Rain Is The Right Moment| Briana and Jon's Wedding| May 6, 2018| Wedding Coordinate| Bowman Hill PA

Briana and Jonathon’s love story are filled with both classic romanticism and timeless connection. Meeting in the second grade and remaining friends all throughout grade school, Briana and Jonathan began their romantic courtship in the beginning of their junior year of high school. They are the true definition of “high school sweethearts”, going to prom together and staying strong during the remainder of their senior year and long after they graduated. On June 16th, 2016, on his Grandmother’s birthday, Jonathon asked Briana to marry him, in Disney World right in front of the ever so popular Cinderella’s Castle. They decided on their wedding date to be May 6thof this year-being Briana’s Grandmother’s birthday. I fell in love with how they both paid homage to their Grandmothers who had both passed after a courageous battle with cancer.

Their wedding day, an outdoor ceremony and reception, called for traditional focal points paired with eccentric detail-elements like this, fused together, make the wedding planning process a lot of fun. Their venue was at the lovely Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve in New Hope, Pennsylvania and on the day of the venue walk, we were greeted by the many different types of birds that fed and flew around us. Blue Jays, Robins, sweet little yellow all throughout the preserve, it was truly a sight!

So many elements go into coordinating an outdoor wedding. Practically every vendor is outsourced and it's our job to not only make sure things run smoothly, but that every vendor is up to standard for the bride and groom. The planning and organizing of an outdoor wedding ranges from communication with the tent company to the venue space and its exact measurements. It's not just the coordinator that brings the wedding together, but every vendor participating in this day all come together and make sure the bride and groom's special day is executed in style.

The tone of the wedding was beautifully orchestrated with the bride's love of vintage flare accompanied with their selection of barbeque themed food options, like: beef brisket, pulled pork, and jalapeno macaroni and cheese. There were many exquisite florals that cascaded around the venue and even on the bride's wedding dress. My eyes beamed as my attention was drawn to Briana's wedding dress that showcased soft colored florals throughout, which went perfectly with her China plates and the linen-laced tables.

The ceremony and reception went on without so much as a hiccup. After hours of decision making, such as: where the sweetheart table was to be placed, how the dessert table was to be set up, making sure all of the decor arrived and intact in one piece and that the floor and seating charts all coincided with the original approved draft-Briana, Jonathon, their family and friends enjoyed themselves, dancing the night away, laughing, good crying and feasting on super cute, super sweet mini tartes, cupcakes and pastries.

The traditional feel was encapsulated stunningly as Jonathon opted out of the now trending "first look" and wanted to be left with the element of surprise by seeing Briana for the first time as she took her walk down the aisle. They both embraced the rain after their cake cutting, that is often not happily received by most blissfully wedded couples, but Briana and Jonathon took it all in stride and that made me elated. You always, no matter what the circumstance, want your couple to be excited and madly in love with their wedding day. Rain may put a damper in that, but not for these two. They both took fabulous photos in the inclement weather and I couldn't have been happier to be witness to it.

Venue: Bowman's Wildflower Preserve PA

Photographer: Captured by Caity Photography

Florist & Decorator: Florist Hoffman Design

Bakery: Lucky Cupcake

Officiant: Chris McGuigan

DJ, MC & Sound: DJ Jamie ODonnell

Catering: Famous Dave's

Professional Bartender: Lexie & Mike

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