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Part 1| Traditional Cambodian Wedding| Jillian & Nady| Oct 5, 2018| Full Wedding Plan

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Jillian and Nady’s wedding day was a two-day event of breathtaking Cambodian tradition and much detailed organization, on my end. Jillian and Nady’s first day of wedding celebration was held on October 5th at the Groom’s mother's home in Sewell, New Jersey. It was going to be a full day of traditional Cambodian dress, blessing, décor and food before a more lavish affair would to be taking place the following day, in Philadelphia.

Jillian and Nady had met at Rutgers University in the Spring of 2010 when a conversation sparked due to Nady rocking a sling on his arm. When Nady responded with a funny story to answer Jillian’s question of concern, she cracked up laughing and was immediately drawn to know more about him. After a few months of casual courtship, Jillian and Nady became exclusive and the rest is history.

For their first day of celebration, the groom's mother hosted, as close family and friends looked on and embraced both Jillian and Nady's love. But before anyone can start celebrating and making long-lasting memories, it's up to me to create a flawless wedding plan which includes one of the key elements. This is called the wedding timeline. As a wedding planner, the timeline of the day is what keeps everything flowing and transitioning properly. Every single detail is timed out: from hair and makeup for each bridal party member, guest arrivals and outfit/dress changes. Essentially, the timeline is the heartbeat of the wedding planner and wedding day.

Jillian and Nady's intimate Cambodian ceremony came with 4 beautiful outfit changes each representing an important part in making their marriage official. There is Hai Goan Gomlah which is processional of the groom and guests making their journey to meet the bride and her family, followed by Sien Doan Taa which has the bride and groom ask the ancestors for their blessing-tea is then served to parents and elders as a statement of gratitude, afterward is Gaat Sah which is the hair cutting of both the bride and groom is simulated to represent with cleansing of their past, Bongvul Pbopul is the official blessing of the newly married couple where guest wish them both a happy and successful marriage and lastly Sompeas Ptem and Pka Sla in where the couple has a red string tied around their wrists followed by throwing white seeds. Each tradition was met with an outfit change and I have to say, without that specific timeline, it wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did!

Once the wedding ceremony was blessed by monks, it was time for me to prepare and be on top of the following days celebratory reception, which was hands down, a stunning event that you simply can't miss reading about.

Wedding Planner: Cristina with Carismas Party Planning

Photography: Peter Doyle Photography

Video: D.P Wedding

Hair & Make Up: Alisha Nycole

Florist: Main Street Bloomery

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