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Wedding trends for 2019 + 2020

Winding down from a pretty busy wedding season, thus far, I wanted to write a piece about the breath-taking wedding trends of this year and 2020 to broaden your wedding theme horizons! There are so many different styles that will fit any married couple to-be’s wedding day vision and the popular trends below, make no exception:

*photos are not my own*

Bright idea: Warm lighting for both ceremony and reception

Blush and amber lighting has been an increasingly popular trend in the wedding world. It’s no longer about bright, whimsical lighting but warm, enticing lighting by using edison bulbs, warmer lighting concepts and different forms of styling the lighting in unique ways. Whether your ceremony and reception is indoor or outdoor, amber lighting looks wonderful no matter the location.

Rust + Terracotta

Colors such as: blush, pale blue and mint green have dominated the wedding color palette for quite some time, but now warmer colors are sweeping in. Shades of rust, terracotta and burnt brick add an element of folklore, 70s inspo and BoHo flare while still lending romanticism and whimsicality to the ceremony and reception. Simple pieces such a table linens and centerpieces can add pops of these colors to your reception or you can incorporate dresses, suits and backdrops for a more dramatic feel.

Folklore Love

In keeping with the rust and terracotta theme, different variations of these colors can bleed into the wedding tone of folk and BoHo. Such styles have always been popular, but over the next couple of wedding seasons you’ll see more attention to detail with a West Coast, dessert vibe. As you can see, warmth is a word I’ve been using quite a lot in this post and it’s a word that should be constantly breathing life into your special day. Floppy bride hats, bell sleeves, floral crowns and feather accent pieces in floral arrangements create the feel of a bohemian world right in the middle of your wedding location.

It doesn’t always have to be a slice of cake

Choosing to veer off the beaten path of a traditional wedding cake is creative and fun! There are many variations you can offer for your wedding day dessert. Macaroons, donuts, layers of petit-four and even exotic fruits and cheeses for a more health conscious option. Selecting a wedding cake alternative not only saves you time on what decision to make as far as flavors and combinations, it also allows your guest to make a personal selection for themselves with what they would like to eat.

* Carismas Tip: Before you get overwhelmed with piles of bridal magazines and hundreds of saved pins on your wedding Pinterest board, focus on the story you and your partner want to tell, on your wedding day. Select a few of your favorite inspirational photos and colors and create an actual mood board. That way you can add and take away whenever you feel like, without scrolling through endless photos and buying even more bridal mags!

If you’re having a difficult time committing to a particular wedding style, it’s always best to listen to your gut. Your wedding style is a fusion of both you and your partner and the story you want to tell to your guests. Hopefully, these popular trends for this year and next will give you some direction in your planning!

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