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Carismas Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2019

When it comes to what’s trending, it’s always best to be “in the know”.

Find out what’s in for your best day ever for 2019.


Brides will be rushing to add Dahlia’s to their floral arrangements in 2019. They are the perfect wedding flower due to their variety of color options and add a bit of whimsy because of their unique geometric layers.

Carismas Tip: Garden roses, peonies and lilies are the perfect partners to be combined with dahlias.

Photo Courtesy of Twyla Jones Photography

Small Plates

Smaller portions and more options is the name of the game when planning your cocktail hour and reception. Brides and grooms want to offer their guest more food selections and having more of a say when it comes to what certain venues have to offer to eat and drink.

Carismas Tip: Think about creative finger foods to add to your menu, along with DIY food stations if you aren’t hosting a sit down reception.

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Metallic Details

Some details will forever be timeless and metallic is definitely one of them. Metallic adds brightness and an industrial feel (without being too heavy) to your centerpieces, table settings and even your wedding cake.

Carismas Tip: If you want to add some non-traditional design to your wedding cake, try edible metallic foil to your tiers.

Photo Courtesy of Plated Meals

Velvet Fabrics

Velvet is making an intense comeback and we absolutely love it. Adding velvet accents to your table settings or even your bridal party style lineup, velvet adds an element of modern romantic texture with a dash of vintage flair that will make your guests “ooh” and “ahh”.

Carismas Tip: Spilled some champagne or wine on your velvet shoes or table cloth? Warm water, dish soap and blot the stain. Simple enough, right?

Photo Courtesy of Found

Neon Lights

We threw in a wild card because, why not? Although it may not be for everyone, neon light signage adds something bright and unusual to your wedding reception. This option is ideal for the creative couple or the couple who loves a little eccentricity in their world.

Carismas Tip: Name Glo NYC is THE place for custom neon signs. Their interactive site allows you to pick your font, color, and backdrop options so you can see what it’ll look like before you purchase.

Photo Courtesy of Rebekah Jackson Photography

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