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It's All In The Detail

Invites, signs, florals oh my! There are so many pieces that make up the puzzle of a wedding, but where to begin? And just how detailed is too much or not enough? This post will steer you in the direction of classy and away from kitsch.

*photos not my own*

As a wedding coordinator, I’m constantly asked by my clients “How much it too much?” This is a question that plagues a lot of soon-to-be married couples and if you’re feeling this way, believe me, you’re not alone. Often times, a couple is ridden with the stress of every little element that goes into their ceremony and reception and these elements should be fun, not to be eye rolled at. I always say two things that I feel help a couple plan their impending nuptials:

1) Keep it simple and then build upon it, if you’d like

2) It’s all in the details.

These two very important pieces of advice I lend to my couples are basic, but ring very true when putting together “the wedding planning puzzle”. You always want to start simple with your general theme and build on that if you wish. If you’re leaning toward a whimsical type wedding, think about feminine, romantic elements such a lace, pillar candles and wispy calligraphy for your wedding invites. If you’re thinking more of a BoHo styled wedding, focus on warm toned colors, minimalist table design and a funky food truck for the reception. All key details you’d love to have can have additives to accentuate your experience.

Show off your personalities

If you and your partner are humorous, modern, traditional, travelers, wine lovers, free spirits, all of the above/some of the above/none of the above, it’s crucial to show off your personality throughout your wedding day. This is the day you share with your closest family and friends what makes you, you. What had you falling in love and make the decision to spend the rest of your lives together. You and your soon-to-be should have fun together making the selections of how you’ll want to showcase your couple style for both ceremony and reception.

Simple, does not always mean boring

I will never understand why the word “simple” is a negative when it comes to terms of planning your wedding, or anything really. Simple does not equal boring. Simple is minimalism. It’s a word best used in wedding planning to ensure nothing is too overwhelming, too much, too crazy. Simple details are the details, I feel, that get the most attention. So many times I’ve overheard at weddings how lovely the guests thought the place settings were, how the brides “something blue” was her wedding shoe, how the groomsmen all looked the same, yet different. This list goes on and on. At the end of the day, this is your wedding and however you choose to make it look is the only thing that matters.

*Carismas Tip: When it comes to DIY, whether it be hair, makeup, flowers or centerpieces make sure you and your partner aren’t overwhelming yourselves. This is a time to celebrate, dance, eat, drink and be as stress-free as humanly possible. You can’t do it all even if you think you can, so alternate DIY wedding projects and hiring a professional. Hire a florist for your bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces and maybe try a hairstyle yourself for your special day!

I could go on and on about the importance of details during any event, but especially a wedding. Details bring touches of intimacy, personability, and openness to your wedding guests and everyone loves to feel a part of something beautiful and great. Be mindful to not over do the details so there isn’t too much going on and be 100% confident in the way you’re planning one of the most important days of your life.

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