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Laughter Is Timeless, Imagination Has No Age, And Dreams Are Forever|Elizabeth & Colin's Wedding|

May 13, 2018

Month of/ Day of Coordinating

Liz and Colin’s special day kept it incredibly personal and close knit, which was so beautiful. Family members played important roles in their day and it made that much more special for them. Liz has 3 brothers and one of them was the wedding officiant. Her and her brothers also grew up playing around their local firehouse since her grandmother was head of the auxiliary for many years, so it seemed incredibly fitting to host the wedding at that very firehouse, also to pay tribute to their grandmother who had passed.

Colin, a baker, baked and designed their wedding cake with a Gluten-Free top tier as per the bride’s request and the base of the cake was a rich, buttery pound cake with chocolate chips. It was decedent, but not too rich-lending a light and airy sensation to the palette. The bride’s father and aunt are both professional photographers, so having Lizz’s aunt capture their wedding day brought me chills.

It is beyond apparent that Lizz and Colin are madly in love. They both met through a mutual friend and felt an instant connection which was best described by Lizz as “basically realizing we felt like we’d known each other forever” and they’ve been together ever since. Colin proposed to Lizz in such a creative way, while they were dating they visited Ireland and developed a interest to further their traveling future together. Colin had given her a scratch off map where they could scratch off where they’ve been and when she opened the map it read “ I can’t travel the world with you if you’re not my partner” and then he took out the ring. How amazing is that?

The ceremony and reception was high energy, a lot of fun and heart-warming. Both father’s gave touching speeches and their wedding cake topper was super cute, being a Lego wedding set since Lizz and Colin love Legos so much. I made sure to pay close attention to the 21-person wedding lineup being timed perfectly for ceremony and reception intros. Lining people up is one thing, but to precisely time each pair to walk down the aisle is an artform. The bigger the wedding party, the more you need to time and organize it properly to ensure there are zero timing gaps and that the walks aren’t being rushed either.

By the end of the night, the bride’s father had given me such a touching compliment stating that I am one of the very few wedding planners that do their job so well and that was such a huge honor coming from him. When you’re coordinating a wedding, you become very connected to not only the bride and groom, but their family and friends as well. I became incredibly connected to Liz and Colin’s family, there were times I didn’t feel like just the coordinator, but a close friend.

Day of Coordinator: Yours Truly Carismas

Venue: Maple Shade Fire Department

Catering: Henri Hott's

Photographer: Carol Ross photography

Videography: Aperture Alley

Florist: Wisot Designs

DJ & Photo Booth: GNJ DJ Service

Cake: Cake Boutique

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